Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for my order to be processed?
Your order is printed "on-demand", so we'll create your order in 2-7 business days. Then add the extra time for shipping, which depends on where we are shipping to. We are located in Los Angeles, California, and we're super close to all of the big LA wholesale factories, this means that it's easy and fast to keep stocked, and minimizes your wait time.
Which payment methods are accepted in the Online Shop?
We accept PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and AMEX.
What tracking options are there?
All orders that are delivered within the United States by USPS have full tracking available. We will send your your tracking number via email, once your order is shipped, as well as, a link where you can follow the status of your order. For international orders, full tracking will only be available for orders sent through International Priority, which costs a bit more.
Where can I find the tracking information for my orders?
All tracking numbers will be found in the shipping notification emails that we send out, as well as on your "My Account" dashboard.
How are shirts packed?
Each shirt is individually folded and packed into their own poly bag and then package into poly mailers for shipment.
How do you package frames?
Frames are first wrapped in tissue paper to protect them from scratches. Next they are wrapped in a layer of adhesive bubble wrap. Finally they are wrapped once again in a thicker more durable bubble wrap, adding extra protection during shipment.
How are your products packaged for shipment?
Because of the variety of product we fulfill, we ship each item accordingly based on their dimension requirements. Generally posters are shipped in kraft tube boxes with plastic end caps ensuring protection during shipment. Frames and canvases are usually shipped in corrugated boxes ranging in the dimensions of 26x20x18" to 28x5.5x38" depending on requirements.
My order has been sent, why don't I see the tracking info?
Your order has been sent, but sometimes it takes up to 48 hours for tracking info to show up in the USPS tracking system.
Why did my transaction fail?
Don't worry! It happens sometimes. Transaction can be declined for several reasons. The usual culprits are: Incorrect credit card number or expiration date Insufficient funds If you are outside the US, some credit card companies will reject international charges The customer's bank or credit card company was having technical issues when the order was processed If you made a large number of online purchases within a short period of time, some banks will reject some of the charges as a fraud prevention measure.
If I chose the FedEx shipping rate in checkout, do you also ship that order faster?
Yes, we do! All FedEx orders are automatically bumped to the top of our fulfillment queue to assure best possible fulfillment time.
Does FedEx ship to PO Boxes?
Not really, they don't ship to US based PO Boxes, but will ship to some international PO Boxes. We will not return a FedEx shipping rate if an address of US based PO box is entered.
What technology is used to print on t-shirts (and any fabric product)?
We use the Direct to Garment (DTG) method of printing. That means we can create photo-quality prints, and that the amount ordered doesn't affect the price. We use the Brother GT 381 printer.
How durable is the printed artwork on the shirts?
Our experience shows us that our shirts are just as durable after repeatedly washing and drying as any other screen-printed t-shirt.
What inks are you using for printing apparel?
Our apparel is created with the latest in garment printing technology and our inks are water based and eco-friendly. This makes the feel much softer than traditional screen printed shirts, but just as durable. We’re using CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act) compliant inks which are needed when printing on children's wear 12 and below.
Are your products eco-friendly?
All our shipping products are either 100% recyclable or fully biodegradable. Bubble wraps are made from a minimum of 15% recycled plastic and 10% post-consumer content. Our kraft tubes are made from 70-100% post-consumer recycled content and 0-30% secondary recycled content.

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